Azure Web App + Adonis

Azure Web App + Adonis

Perhaps it was just me, but it wasn't immediately obvious how to deploy TS apps to the Azure Web App service, using GitHub actions.

This process differs from the default JS starter that Azure sets up for you, as we need to include a build step, and deploy that folder - the process goes something like:

  1. Install all dependencies
  2. Run a build step
  3. Move to built folder, and install production-only dependencies
  4. Run startup script inside build folder

So setup GitHub deployment in the Azure portal (under Deployment Center), then edit the generated workflow:

# Docs for the Azure Web Apps Deploy action:
# More GitHub Actions for Azure:

name: Build and deploy Node.js app to Azure Web App

      - main

    runs-on: ubuntu-latest

    - uses: actions/checkout@master

    - name: Set up Node.js version
      uses: actions/setup-node@v1
        node-version: '14.x'

    - name: Yarn install, build, and test
      run: |
        yarn install
        yarn build

        # Add the production dependencies step
    - name: Yarn production
      run: yarn install --production
      working-directory: build # Install production dependencies in this folder

    - name: 'Deploy to Azure Web App'
      uses: azure/webapps-deploy@v2
        app-name: 'jammeryhq-api'
        slot-name: 'production'
        publish-profile: ${{ secrets.AzureAppService_PublishProfile }} # Generated by Azure
        package: ./build # Change to your built folder with dependencies in

This assumes you have a package.json (and a start script) inside your build folder. This is the case with Adonis (v5) - it runs its build command, then copies package.json into that folder.


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