Azure Web App + Adonis

Quick guide on how to deploy an Adonis (or TypeScript) project to the Azure Web App service with GitHub Actions.

Signed Upload from Browser, with Backblaze B2

Upload a file from the browser, using Backblaze B2.

Use an Async function in Gatsby wrapRootElement

A code example for using an async function in Gatsby wrapRootElement.

Filter and Compare Arrays

A quick snippet showing how to compare an array to find two matching arrays

Simple Webpack + Babel 7 Starter

A simple webpack setup. So we can write things in lovely ES6.

Bulma Setup

Basic Bulma projects setup.

Create a Vue Plugin

Create a Vue global plugin, available on this.$

My Setup

This is my computer setup. More as a reminder for me when I refresh my computer, and need to reinstall everything again.

Kill processes by port

How to kill processes by port on Ubuntu


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